Third Parties

When third-party apps or services are integrated with our Services, information is received based on the configuration of those services. This information may include details such as names and email addresses from services like Google for authentication purposes. The specific data received depends on the settings and privacy policies of the third-party services. Reviewing these policies is essential to understand what data is shared with our Services.


Data Collection and Use

We collect and use data obtained through Google APIs to improve our services and personalize user experience. This data may be shared with third parties solely for service improvement and analytics.


Limited Use

Data obtained from third parties will only be used for the purposes explicitly granted and will not be used for any other unauthorized purposes such as selling data or unrelated advertising.


User Consent

We obtain explicit consent from users before accessing or using their data. Users are informed about the specific data being collected and how it will be used. By using our services, users agree to this data collection and usage policy.


Data Security

We implement robust security measures to protect user data from unauthorized access and breaches. This includes encryption, access controls, and regular security audits to ensure the safety of the data.


Google user data

We access Google data solely for authentication purposes, with Google acting as an external identity provider in an OpenID Connect authentication flow. We store only the Google ID and email address, and we do not share this data.